#MoonOverSoho (Rivers of London 2) mini spoiler free book review

Moon Over Soho is the second in the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch, where dectective fiction meets fantasy, occasionally travelling via romance and thriller. The many quotes from reviews suggesting this is the love child of Harry Potter joining the London Met aren't inaccurate. Although certainly aimed at an older audience, this is in my opinion no bad thing! 

Firstly, the detective side of the story is compelling, and whilst weaving a tale set between conventional detective work and fantasy, somehow finds itself very believable, never being absurd. There are as there should be, many twists and turns, surprises and non surprises too. 

Set around the Jazz music seen in Siho, London, the descriptions of the locations really invoke the sense, creating a very detailed world in your minds eye. The characters are both familiar and new, but all descibed in great detail that makes bad guys scary and good guys lovable, and sometimes vice versa. I don't feel reading the first story is a necessity to enjoy this book, but would help in understanding some of the cast, though they're not integral to understanding the plot. I like how the book does involve aspects of the prequel though, and the conclusion is a suitable cliffhanger to make me want to read the next take immediately! 

The fantasy elements too, are never so outlandish or overused to simply be cheap plot devices, and it feels that PC Grant is really struggling master his arcane ability but with a scientific approach. 

The book is also an easy read, though with longish chapters. It's highly entertaining, intriguing, interesting, humorous and even sexy throughout, 

Anyone with an interest in fantasy writing or detective fiction would enjoy this. For original fans of Potter, Tom Holt, Doctor Who, Castle etc. 

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