#Alpaca Trekking

Recently, my good friend Rosie and I have been attempting to expand our social activities in an effort to take part in more unusual and interesting things. We've joined the National Trust; been for interesting meals; gone to see unusual plays and films and attended museums and art galleries.

Most recently, Rosie convinced me to accompany her on an Alpaca Trekking experience she booked for £10 a ticket via the gift website buyagift.co.uk.

I'm always open to new experiences, and I'm a big fan of walking and the outdoors anyway, so I thought why the hell not. Our experience took place at Lucky Tails Alpaca farm in Atherstone, not far from Coleshill in the West Midlands. As well as Alpacas, they keep chickens, ducks, rabbits and there of course the mandatory dog and cat milling around the place.

During our time there we were treated to a bit of background knowledge from the owner about the farm and about the farming of Alpacas, including information about their origins, farming and of the differences between them and Llamas.

We were then taken to meet and greet all of the Alpacas of the farm, being introduced to all of them on a first name basis. After hearing a little about each of them, we were able to select one to go for a short walk with. I chose Dodge whilst Rosie went for Norman.

We took our Alpacas on a short and gentle walk up the field to meet some of the newest additions to the Alpaca clan at Lucky Tails, talking about them on the way, then slowly meandering back to the paddock where we were given some food with which to feed all of the Alpacas, though Norman was pretty adamant he was going to get the most food...

As an experience, I really enjoyed my time at Lucky Tails Alpaca farm. It was interesting to learn about the Alpacas, but they're also insanely cute and great fun to walk, stroke and feed. The staff their were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and it definitely makes for an interesting and unusual morning out!

We were at the farm for just shy of 2 hours, which is plenty for what the experience entails, and especially using the Buy A Gift vouchers, it's pretty good value for money. I would recommend totally recommend having a go at this at least once!

For more information, you can visit the Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm website at www.luckytailsalpacafarm.co.uk

Thanks for reading!

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