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Holy crap! A new Blink album! Without Tom! And with that dude from Alkaline Trio! What the fuck!? Cool, now that's out of the way, let's tell you what I think of the new record, as an avid fan of both Blink and Alk3.

What I like about this record is it actually sounds a little bit like everything that has come before, with definite tones, riffs and rhythms purloined from the extensive back catalogue of previous bands.

Opening track Cynical is a good, fast paced typically over produced pop punk affair, sounding almost a little like modern Less Than Jake. Mark and Matt's singing sounds great over the full and jumpy guitars.

Then we come to the first single, 'Bored to Death' which sounds like it'd fit at home on the Blink self titled album. Memorable lyrics and catchy melodies.

Los Angeles sounds like something of Crimson or Neighbourhoods, then She's Out Of Her Mind and Built This Pool sound like something lifted from Take Of Your Pants & Jacket! Which I love - there's no trying to be too emo, alternative or punk, instead embracing all of what they like - making good, catchy pop punk whilst having fun at the same time. They're getting on a bit now, why bother trying to do anything else? The Only Thing That Matters even sounds like American Pie era Enema Of The State.

But in including so many aspects from each individual's histories they have created something completely new. Okay, it's not ground breaking, but did anyone truly think it would be? What it is a culmination of 3 skater punks abilities at writing good, loud, pop rock and sharing it with the world. Go and buy this record, then listen to it whilst doing something very fast - driving, skating, masturbating... It's ace.

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