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Spoiler Free Mini Review of #FantasticBeastsAndWhereToFindThem #HarryPotter

I don't care how lame it is, I can't exactly become any more uncool with my love of all things geek, but I am definitely a very big Potterhead. Despite the awful acting in the first few films, the deviations from the books and the subsequent and imminent releases even after Rowling categorically announcing seemingly every other week that she'll stop, I adore the intricately designed parallel magical universe which I have often found myself longing to be a part of.

That said, it is always with trepidation that I receive the news of an upcoming Potter release. Much like my nervousness at Disney acquiring the Star Wars license, I'm always very conscious that the team responsible may eventually ruin something which has such a deep place in mine and many other's multi-generation spanning hearts, shamelessly churning out the releases as some kind of cash Hippogriff.

Luckily, as with The Force Awakens, I don't feel this is the case with Fantastic Beasts & Where…

The Red Candle - Mermaids In The East - Play at The Brunel Museum

Mermaids in the East is a production put on at the Brunel Museum by theatre company 'Theatre Lapis' in an attempt to bring reality to their vision of putting on a range of productions where Eastern meets Western cultures.

A Japanese tragedy about mermaids, the first thing you'll appreciate is the beauty of the setting - the venue itself was extremely well presented for the production; dark with ethereal lighting, a small amount of props including sheets and Japanese masks, and a single piano on which the simple yet evocative soundtrack is portrayed, at times clearly drawing on the clashing semi tones of Eastern folk music whilst at other times coming closer to Western pop influences, almost sounding like a Disney musical in parts. Take note, the venue has no heating - so wrap up warm!

The cast were all very talented, with exceptional singing voices and all were very apt at performing the dance like sequences that so effectively conveyed the emotions of particular scenes. …