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#NotesFromASmallIsland by Bill Bryson - Mini review

Notes From A Small Island is a lovely little book about Britain from an excellent perspective; that is of celebrated author Bill Bryson, as an outsider who spent a considerable number of years living in Brtain.

Born in Iowa, Bryson portrays in equal measures his love and loathing for the British Isles, discussing the difference in nature of a homespun Brit to the rest of the world in their attitudes towards drinking establishments, eateries, public transport stations and 'walking' in Britain and how rather than being things to keep us as humans quenched, nourished and travelled they become activities to be complained about in their own right.

Brits will apologise when colliding with you; successfully arrange silently a multi-tier queueing system and have invented and consume an inordinate amount of baked goods, and these are all things that, while not uncriticised, Bryson communicates an endearment towards. And it's precisely these peeks and troughs that we love about or o…


So last week saw my second visit to the Bett education show at the London ExCel arena - a show about all things technological meets education.
Travelling from Birmingham was a doddle - booked a London Midland straight through to Euston train in advance for £27, reading copious amounts of my Retro Gamer magazine on the way, then once in London used the exquisite, though crowded and quite grubby tube system just 'blipping' my contactless debit card when needed, changing a few times before arriving just a short walk (with a Starbucks en route) away from the arena. Excellent stuff.

Now this year, seeing as the schools know what they want in terms of hardware at the moment, I was much more interested in the seminars and talks that were on offer. The hardware being shown varied little from last year anyway - asides from the usual swathe of laptop and pc suppliers there were numerous 3D printing stalls, Virtual Learning Environment stands, robots of varying sizes and loads of differen…