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#RetroToys - Power Rangers Ultrazord

Oh my this bad boy is HUGE!
Power Rangers were one of my all time favourite kids TV shows, and though it's dated rather noticeably the toys are arguably still quite epic, in both premise and prowess. The 'Ultrazord' shown here is a combination of all the 'Zords' from the original series - Megazord plus Dragonzord equals Megadragonzord, plus Titanus = ULTRAZORD! Grrr.... Check it out below! 
Despite some yellowing and a few missing bits in the way of one wing from the Pterodactyl Dinozord; the tip of Tyrannosaur’s' tail; the horns from Triceratops and Titanus’ chain, the set is in pretty good nick! Unfortunately, the years seem to have eaten the Megazord sword, too.
Check it out below!

Shakespeare's Birthday Parade - Stratford-upon-Avon

For those who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I recently got back into playing my flute, something I've wanted to do for ages!

After playing in my first year of Uni for my course, and then playing in the Concert Band for a couple of years, since then I had played very little. Just occasionally and just on my own. I did make an attempt to join an orchestra a while later, but they always seemed to be inundated with flautists.

A good friend of mine, who was teaching music in one of the school's I support, pointed me in the direction of the Birmingham West Midlands Fire Service Band who had arranged an open rehearsal for potential new players on an informal basis. Since then, I've been going to rehearsals regularly and partaking in band socials and concerts in Fire Service Band attire.

It's been a great mix of music, and though it's been challenging going from almost no playing to some quite difficult pieces in a short space of time, I've really enjo…

#SwordAndLaser anthology Spoiler Free Mini Review

I bought the Sword & Laser anthology ages ago after reading the Press Start To Play sci-fi anthology and stumbling upon this in my amazon recomended purchases.
The first half of the book is dedicated to Fantasy fiction, or the Sword section. The latter is the Laser section, dedicated to sci-fi stories. 
Rather than rate every single story, I thought i'd simply just say how I got on with the book. The introduction by Tom Merritt details his experience from past anthologies, and how useful they are at helping emerging writing talent break into the mainstream, whilst also being a haven for quite simply, naff stories to get into print. Hence deciding to compile this anthology of fantasy and science fiction stories. He blatantly states that not every story will be everyones taste, and whilst this is probably true I found there wasn't a story I didn't enjoy or find interesting at least on some level.
The stories cross a variety of genres; experimenting with time travel, big mon…

#TheRestaurantAtTheEndOfTheUniverse spoiler free impressions

Douglas Adams' sequel to the infamous Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is just as magically ludicrous as the first begin where the former ends. Our favourite bi-headed alien Zaphod and familiar crew are persued to the point of destruction by a Vogon ship, unable to escape using the Improbibility drive thanks to our resident dressing-gown clad human confusing the computer by tasking it with making a decent cup of tea. Of course, it takes the spectral ancestor of Zaphod to save they day, splitting up the crew in a very bizarre fashion, and eventually shedding some light on why Zaphod may have the mahoosive ego he has, even for a two headed alien. 
Using many humerous themes from the previous book, the storys not hard to read, though can be a little tricky to follow, but is always entertaining, and had me smiling during the read a lot! It's also nice and short, and the book is physically small making it easy to read on a train or such. Not intrinsic to reviewing a story but I alway…