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#TheTropicOfSerpents by Marie Brennan mini review

The second entry in the memoirs of Lady Trent, these books are set in a Victorian era where dragons aren't from the realms of fantasy but firm fact, though little is actually known about them from a scientific perspective.

Rather than a straight fictional story, these books are written by Lady Trent in hindsight about her emerging scientific career within a Victorian Britain-esque society, where women's roles are traditional, and the family unto which one is born has so much significance on the life you lead and how you lead it. Once again, Trent breaks convention with another journey into the field to satisfy her ever irritating itch that is her curiosity for Dragons.

Trent has already broken these social conventions before in her journeys to Vystrana in the first book, to study Rock Wyrms. This time, she elicits yet more scandal in leaving for the Moulish swamps, more commonly known as the Green Hell, in Eriga, a nation rifled with politics, war and unfamiliar societies and…

My trip to #Dublin part 2

We awoke in our Air BnB surprisingly fresh after a night on the pop having already decided today was going to be the day for guided tours. And with the sun shining, we marched into town for our breakfast followed by a visit to the Leprechaun museum!

The Leprechaun museum was an excellent and unique experience. As you go in, you're greeted with pretty much the only room with an actual museum set up to it, with a few traditional photos and paintings, models and Irish advertisements and literature arranged behind glass and upon the walls.

After the tour guide arrived you're treated to a witty and dead pan introduction, blaming Disney for the perception of the Leprechaun today, and a more accurate portrayal of the traditional creature from Irish folk lore is conveyed.

Rather than going round a museum of artefacts, the tour goes from room to room each decorated in a different traditional way, to help accompany the story telling that the tour guide whom was extremely well rehearsed,…

My trip to #Dublin part 1.

Over the weekend my buddy and I flew to Dublin. Ireland is somewhere I've never been before but had heard many great things about and I was exited if anxious about the trip. Anxious because of my stupidness with food & exercise but also on behalf of my good friend who has quite a fear of flying.

That being said, the flights by Ryan Air both there and back were pretty painless. We needed no extra luggage other than the carry on allowance, despite emptying duty free of all the Irish whiskey miniatures on the return trip, and we were able to check in for both flights online making the getting through security relatively straight forward. It's a faff, but it's a faff regardless so I was content with it being as straight forward as possible.

Return flights with no additions cost us that grand sum of £38.74 each which I thought was damned reasonable. The Air BnB which was booked by my travelling partner as a last minute deal, and set us back £165.11 for 3 nights. Accommodati…