Game Boy World 1989

Game Boy World 1989 is a crowd funded book (via written and compiled by Jeremy Parish, a video game journalist and authority on many things retro.

An unofficial look at all Japanese and American releases for the Nintendo Game Boy in it's year of release.

It's a nice looking, A4 sized book containing simple text and black and white screenshots throughout, and I found each entry on all the games, ranging from the well known greats such as Tetris and Super Mario Land, to obscurities such as Asmik-kun World and Pachinko Time, to be interesting and illuminating whilst being simultaneously entertaining.

Rather than a review of each game which are typically affected by our rose tinted bespectacled view on simpler, nostalgic periods of gaming history, I felt that Game Boy World was written extremely objectively. It details both the flaws and fancies of all of the games released in the first year of the Game Boy's life, providing praise and critiques where fitting. It further gives some detail into the history behind companies and releases, where there may have been interesting quirks to do with how games came into existence in the first place.

A genuinely well written and interesting read for anyone with a passion for retro gaming, Nintendo, and of course the old, faithful and glorious machine that was the Game Boy.

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