#StarWars The Approaching Storm mini review

The Approaching Storm is the prequel novel to Attack Of The Clones. The grand republic is crumbling and more and more systems to look succeed from the republic entirely during this period of galactic uncertainty. One such planet is the seemingly insignificant world of Ansion, whose succession would potentially lead to a great number of other systems following suite. 

Ansion is a divided planet, split between the very traditional prairie dwelling nomads and the city residing business folk. Wishing to encroach ever further into the ancestral homes of the nomads    Obi-Wan Kenobi and his adolescent padowan Anakin, together with Luminara Unduli and her padowan Barris Offee are tasked with persuading the secessionist movements that remaining in the republic is beneficial for all those involved. 

The team of Jedi must negotiate with traditionalist nomads to come to an agreement with the city dwellers that can be beneficial for all, to convince the necessary factions to vote remain on this "Brexit" in a galaxy far, far away... 

Of course, nothing is as straight forward as it would first seem, and the team of Jedi must overcome many pitfalls set in place by Soergg The Hutt and his underworld minions. The story is full of attempted kidnappings, assassinations and political treachery, and is extremely tense throughout. 

In addition to this, the Jedi must successfully navigate the varied lands of a relatively unknown Ansion in their search for the traditionalist clans with whom they must converse. Luckily, Barriss has the fortune of befriending her would-be kidnappers who then act as guides to help them do just that. The Jedi must maneuver varied terrain, tame and conquer unusual wildlife and work within the unusual traditional politics of a variety of Ansion clans. 

Including all the above, we are treated to an exciting, political and action packed story, with many diverse and richly detailed characters. Not only this, we are given an insight into the developing character of Anakin Skywalker, who even now is struggling with his headstrong attitude to Jedi-ism and arrogance, whilst trying to be a genuinely decent and morally proper being. 

The whole story is so well written, intricately detailed and a great prequel to the Attack Of The Clones story, I would readily recommend to any fan of this era of Star Wars stories. It's exciting; full of action and deceit and was wholly entertaining throughout. 

Thanks for reading.

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