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#StarWars The Cestus Deception Novel Mini Review

It's a time of war, and Cestus Cybernetics on the Insectoid Hive planet of Ord Cestus are manufacturing advanced security droids embedded with living material from a force sensitive eel native to the planet. This makes the droids extremely skilled in combat, and under the brand of security droid it's all perfectly legal for them to be sold to whomever they wish, including the dreaded Separatists.

The republic has learned of this, and that the separatists plan on modifying the security droids to make them into battle droids; an army of force sensitive battle droids does not bode well for the republic and by association, the Jedi.

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kit Fitsu are deployed by Senator Palptine as the first plan of action. Obi-Wan is to use diplomacy and politics with the help of his molluscan friend and paper work aficionado, Doolb Snoil. In parallel, Kit Fisto with a small band of clone troopers employs and trains a local militia to make strikes and key locations aro…

Episode 2: #AttackOfTheClones #StarWars novel mini review

R.A.Salvatore has done an excellent job of telling the story of the film Attack Of The Clones in his Star Wars novel. I have a hard time not enjoying novels from the Star Wars universe, but I really was hard pressed to put this one down.

As in the film, the story tells of how the republic, struggling as more and more systems succeed to the separatist movement, grant supreme chancellor Palpatine emergency powers in the Senate who then immediately sanctions the use of an army of the republic; utlizing a clone army conveniently commissioned in secret for the republic by an old Jedi master 10 years dead...

Prior to this, Senator Amidala is leading the debate against the creation of an army for the republic. Her life is in immediate danger by those who would see the motion carried, and the task dutifully falls upon Obi-Wan and his padowan Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin, in this novel was so well portrayed; much better than in the movie. I actually find myself empathizing with him instead of jus…