I may have lied... A little

I didn't lay off the booze. I have been out. A lot. I will make that promise to myself again though, mainly as I'm running out of money, but also because I seem to keep waking up in unusual, exotic places. I'm making that sound worse than it is, and it's definitely been fun - just need to chill for a bit me thinks. 

In news in my life, I've had some early inheritance money from my Grandma which is exciting. But I'm being restrained and not immediately buying a new guitar, laptop or PS4, but popping it away into my savings to hopefuly help and pay a deposit on somewhere to live when I've saved a bit more. 

A close friend from school is leaving, and this makes me sad. Everything makes me sad recently, but this is justified I feel. As someone I have shared lots with and who has looked out for me, it will be a very sad day when she eventually goes off to start her proper grown up life. 

I had a very good first date recently too, with a nice and seemingly genuine lady. We get on quite well, and the night didn't really end, which I only take to be a possitive thing? She also forced me to watch Disney's Frozen. I think it was good. 

And it was Star Wars day! The unofficial celebration of all things from a galaxy that isn't especially close. I took a cool photo of my Star Wars video games, of which my collection is sizeable, to replace the usual CIBSunday. You can see that picture below. Lots of them are good (a few are dire) but I especially love the Super Star Wars games, SW: Demolition and The Force Unleashed (The Wii version is better than PS3).

Anyway, that's it from me, as I'm procrastinating from getting ready for work. Take care. X

My ever expanding collecting of SW video games. 

A surprisingly romantic Donnie Darko Snapchat I received. :-) 

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