Star Wars #KnightErrant Mini Review

The Star Wars story Knight Errant is set 1000 years before the events of A New Hope and roughly a generation before the Darth Bane trilogy of novels. 

The tale revolves around 3 characters, first of whom is Kerra Holt, a lone Jedi Knight journeying through Sith Space after a prior mission saw her master killed, instilling within Kerra a very un-Jedi thirst for vengeance. Teaming up with militant leader Rusher, the pair struggle to balance between eradicating the interesting and varying array of Sith characters throughout the novel, whilst protecting the innocent citizens and bystanders and the same time. 

Occurring after the Old Republic was invaded by Sith there is a saturation of varying Sith existing simultaneously and constantly striving to advance within their social hierarchy utilising subterfuge, threats and violence to achieve this. As should be expected of the dark side dwelling Sith, each is certain that their own method of control is the ultimate.

Holt's goal becomes focused on ridding the galaxy of a specific 2 warring Sith brothers. Odion, the one responsible for her master's death; and Daiman, sure that he is himself the creator of the universe. 

The differing social intricacies between the Sith colonies is what appealed to me most when reading this story. The groups are all written well and this is an unusual time in the Star Wars canon where more than two Sith exist. 

There are some excellent moments throughout and no distractions from the action or the politics. Revelations of who is actually pulling the strings and where different characters allegiances truly lie is always exhilarating. The is divided into the three territories where each one has it's own unique obstacles to overcome.

For those interested in the Legends Timeline, before A New Hope and Disney get their mitts on the order of things, Knight Errant is definitely worth a punt. 

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