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The sun is shining in Birmingham today more than it ever did on our short break way to Whitby this week. I'm already very warm, and currently avoiding the sun anyway possible, when what I really should be doing is soaking it up to make some effort to remove my pasty status and become somewhat healthy looking between my neck and knees.

It was a long drive down, for which I was entertained by bouts of Bowie, Floyd and Toto from my iPod through the car's speakers, forcing everyone else to be entertained by them too. I also took my beloved 3DS of course, and decided to have another crack at Bravely Default. I do like the game; it looks stunning, has a likeable cast and generally very high production qualities. It's unfortunate then that at times it feels a little 'rinse and repeat'. This is unaided by the one piece of music used for all dungeons. I also find that, despite being able to easily take care of enemies in an area, the predictable end of area boss is always much more challenging, requiring several attempts. It was easy to pick up again after quite a long break from it, which is promising, so I hope I can see it through to the stories conclusion. I hope this is the same for Fire Emblem: Awakening which I also need to invest some time in and finish. But that's for another blog. 

Whitby is a really stunning part of the world. A typical tourist seaside town, with nice walks, fish 'n' chip shops a plenty, and lots of shops selling crap you would never normally think twice about buying at home, but somehow becomes a necessity because you're on holiday. Also, 2p machines. I LOVE 2p machines. *ahem*

A couple of highlights then besides the view, were walking up 199 steps to the Abbey where Bram Stoker tells us Dracula hid out in dog form after shipwrecking in Whitby. After a google I learned that there is a grave up on the hill which has become legendary as Dracula's grave, marked with a skull and cross-bones to warn people from disturbing the remains at all costs. This of course meant a second trip back up the steps to try and find said grave. 

Food was excellent in Whitby, and I didn't have fish 'n' chips once! Still dieting, I tried to stay on course with my healthy eating, which went remarkably well! Lot's of grilled fish including Halibut which I'd never had before, and it was delicious. Between that and all the walking I've done I think I have managed to stay on course quite successfully. 

I played on the 2p machines! Excellent highlight, I love the seaside arcades. I won myself 2 wooden figures from the almost-justice league, before trying to win a further too the following evening. Spoiled slightly by the arcade closing and giving me a figure before being able to win it; you're missing the point arcade owner! It's all about the winning - I don't genuinely want the figure if it's going to just be given to me. Ho hum. I know he was trying to be nice. Anyway, they're sitting next to one of my Tardis money boxes up on my shelf. 

Another highlight was that we found a small music shop in Whitby, selling lots of folk instruments and strings. After a bit of a browse, I treated myself to a Baritone Ukelele. I have a concert Uke already (though quite a cheap one) and after learning the tuning was able to strum together a quick song, and the sound is a lovely soft tone. So I bought that, got them to knock some money of a gig bag, and then added a harmonica holder (which is excellent fun) and a pack of strings. Apart from the strings being marked up by about 100% (which I hadn't noticed until we left the shop!) I feel I got a good deal, and later I found my new Uke online for £30 more than I'd paid. Not bad then!

Other than that, we got to paddle in the sea and do a bit of poking around some rock pools, drank booze and coffee in numerous places virtually on the sea, nosed round the old fashioned seaside town shops (it may be tat, but it's still enjoyable!) and we took 2 boat rides on different days out to sea. All excellent fun. I would definitely go back to Whitby at some point. It makes for a very relaxing short break - just what I needed. Enough to do within a relatively small area to make even a short stay feel productive, but not so much that you feel like you're missing out when you spend some of your time actually chilling. A great combination. 

And now, to continue my six weeks holiday. I plan to have a few nights out, play lots of music, do some work (boo!) and maybe go away again if I can afford it or decide what I would like to do. I'm hoping to pop to a guitar shop later to maybe get the input on my Epiphone Dot looked at. We'll see. 

Anyway thank-you to the 3 or so people that end up reading my strange blog. Again, another completely self serving blog with no real purpose other than to note down what I've been up to. If you have anything to contribute to this, please feel free to comment. Speak soon. x

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