Summer Holidays Have Started!

Yes indeedio they have! I need to do a bit of work at some point but at the moment I'm having some down time being tidy and trying to stay healthy whilst I'm not working. Being at home all day is difficult for this, especially when others at home have little self discipline. But I'm still going strong, still doing weights and today some new jeans arrived that are 14 inches smaller than my biggest size. And they fit rather comfortably, making me a very smiley bean. 

Yesterday, I went for a catch up in Sutton Park with folks from Uni. It was ace fun - we had a kick about, played frisby and with a whistling Nerf, and got to lay down in the sun on an expanse of very green grass punctuated by the occasional enormous tree. This morning, muscles I hadn't used in a while ache slightly (though not my arms, so my weight training must be doing something right) but it was totally worth it. Well done to my buddy for suggesting something different. I'm hoping to get in a game night soon as well. One of my Uni mates has bought Saboteur for us to play, and I really want a big game of Cards Against Humanity before I write it off as never being as funny as the first time you play. Maybe some of the custom cards would help this... 

Earlier in the week I took my Epiphone Dot to be serviced and have the input jack replaced, to a repair shop in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. I'm excited to have a more professional level instrument back when he's finished. If they do a good job, I'll take in the Flying V I have, which has a whole host of problems that need rectifying. 

As for today, a nice walk to the shops to replenish the fruit stores I think, maybe look for Batman on Blu ray. With the upcoming Batman Vs Superman film I feel I should try and get into the hype. 

I shall also continue with Falling Skies which I started yesterday. A poor man's Walking Dead perhaps but it has still entertained me, and I like the alien invasion premise just as much as zombies. They touch on very similar ideas to TWD but don't seem to make as much of them, but I'll stick with it and see. Hannibal season 2 has also finished downloading so looking forward to getting on that. 

Not really playing many games right now. I just finished the story on Far Cry 3 - a bit of anti climax to an amazing game, and it's amazing value for money! I have been racking up the Street Passes though and playing those games, which I love. Reason enough to own a 3DS, though you do need a bag as no pocket will fit it's massive frame. 

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