O Captain! My Captain!

I will miss Robin Williams. Not just as a talented actor, comedian, writer, producer and, arguably most importantly, a massive Legend Of Zelda fan. But as a constant. A deserved celebrity who was just a part of popular culture and who always would be. Unfortunately, celebrities somehow become viewed as invincible. Famous actors of this caliber will hopefully always be immortalised from the work they contributed to whilst alive. But a hole is still felt when they leave this Earth, because we never expect it. 

@BobJWilliams posted this Charles Bukowaki quote on twitter, which summarises what I felt when I first heard the news from someone's Facebook status. 

I of course had to watch Dead Poets Society yesterday, and I'm sure many people around the globe felt the sudden need to put on Aladdin, Hook, Good Will Hunting, Flubber, Mrs Doubtfire, Patch Adams and the countless other films that Williams starred in. 

I didn't want to rant about the cause of Williams death. Most people understand, or at least appreciate depression as the disorder that it is, and how suicide is not some selfish act against the world, but a chemical imbalance that causes an individual to feel there is no alternative. Russell Brand quite eloquently talks about the state of a world that a person such as Williams feels they can't exist in it here

I suppose the positive to come out of this is the education of all people to understand that despite the outwardly displayed mask, a person could be, and probably is struggling beneath it. And human behaviour needs to improve because of this. It takes so much more effort to be a negative human being. Why bother? It's nice to be nice, folks.  

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