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#BrokenHomes (Rivers of London 4) Mini Spoiler Free Book Review

Broken Homes is the 4th instalment in the Rivers Of London series following the adventures and investigations of Peter Grant - Detective Constable and budding warlock, working for a special branch of the Met that the rest of the force, excluding his commandeer in chief Nightingale and recently maimed-by-magic co-worker Lesley, tend to avoid talking about wherever possible.

And of course, what these books address so eloquently is the surprising amount that this mystical magical met department is actually needed within the London districts to help tackle crime on another level, specifically incidents concerning gods, spirits, magic, potions and the occult arts in general.

Each of the prequels so far has centred around an investigative theme - the first focussing mainly on the spirit's of the rivers of London; the second on deaths surrounded by London's remerging Jazz music scene, and the third on an entire underground civilisation, as well as a unifying investigation into the …

My Break in #Wales

I'm writing this blog from my little room in a little b&b in the little Welsh coast side town of Barmouth, sat at a little writing desk whilst waiting for the folks to for a little bit of an explore. En route we stopped off at a Steam Railway teashop meets station, and had a lovely time there having lunch and watching the departure and arrival of a steam locomotive. My Dad was very taken with it - I can see him becoming a train watcher of sorts in his grey(er) years.

Lunch was interesting - I had a carrot and coriander soup. It was very tasty, and I'd stocked up on fruit before leaving to help me along with meals. Those who know me know I've been very funny with food and eating stuff. I know I need to not worry - if anything I actually need to gain a little bit of weight (read: padding - sitting on even cushioned seats has become relatively arduous!) but I can't help it when anxiety kicks in.
After lunch and a mooch, we drove a little further, stopping only to take …

#TheUnexpectedInheritenceOfInspectorChopra Mini Spoiler Free Book Review

Vaseem Khan's first story of the Baby Ganesh Detective Agency, entitled The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra, is a charming story detailing the early retirement of Inspector Chopra, an Indian police detective with an upstanding reputation and a unscrupulous moral code of conduct. 
Due to health reasons, Chopra is forced into early retirement, and finds the sudden shift from active detective to a man of leisure disconcerting and he struggles to adapt. He is unable to let sleeping dogs lie in the way of a murder case, after an up and coming entrepeneur is found suspisciously drowned and the boy's mother is convinced the corrupt Indian forces will do little to find justice. Despite it being his his final day of employment and being reprimanded by his replacement, Chopra can't let the case go without investigation.
Chopra's titular unexpected inheritance is that of a baby elephant called Ganesha that is bequeathed to him by his uncle, and who gives Chopra and his W…

#ANaturalHistoryOfDragons by Marie Brenan - Mini Spoiler Free Book Review

A Natural History Of Dragons - A Memoir By Lady Trent is a fictional work written by Marie Brenan, but is written as if it were the factual retelling of the good Lady Trent's introduction to the world of science, and subsequently her unique relationship and study into the lives of dragons. Set in a kind of Victorian Era fantasy world, the values of the upper class are very much similar to how they would've been, expecting women to behave appropriately and when the time came, to simply marry appropriately and be entirely supported by their spouse.
Lady Trent's memoirs begin autobiographically, recounting her childhood misdemeanours of allowing her elder her brother to pilfer scientific literary works from her Father's office for her to read. She develops a fascination to all things Naturalist, and in particular an obsession with Dragons. To quell this, she begins to collect Sparklings, a hobby that should've been discouraged in her as an upper class female, but one w…

#WarlockHolmes by G.S.Denning - spoiler free mini book review

Warlock Holmes - A Study In Brimstone is a fantasy twist on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and famous sidekick Watson, only this time Sherlock is named Warlock and not all can be explained through logic and reasoning. Many of the crimes the duo are enlisted to help solve are steeped in and surrounded by mystery, magic and monsters.
The stories here have many likenesses to the tales of Sherlock Holmes that I already knew, only Watson is the purveyor of observation and reasoning, trying desperately to educate Holmes in these abilities whilst Warlock insists on using his own unique talents to help the duo solve cases. 
I could not help but imagine the magical crime fighting duo as the actors Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, which is no bad thing! They suit the roles in my head even in this fantasy setting of 221b Baker street.
The short stories are filled with interesting, lovable and suitably evil characters and bad guys, both magical and none, many twists and turns and lots of…

#HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild mini spoiler free book review

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is the long awaited sequel millions of Potter fans have been waiting for since the original tale of a skinny, bespectacled wizard reached it's epic conclusion in The Deathly Hours, though not in the form that many expected. Story number 8 has swooped in on it's Nimbus 2000 in the form of a play script. 
The story focusses now upon the offspring of some of the main players in the original Potter stories as they uncover a conspiracy once again to plunge the world back in to darkness in the most unexpected and typically evil of ways. The fact that it is written as a play script somewhat dampened the hype for me, however this was a concern I needn't have worried myself with. As you get used to it it fast becomes a typically magnetic and familiar tale so obviously crafted by good ol' J.K, and I often felt like I was becoming reacquainted with an old friend. The original cast members feel suitably matured but still sound believable as themsel…