#DawnOfTheJedi Into The Void - Spoiler Free Mini Review

Into The Void by Tim Lebbon is the first entry in the Star Wars Novels Legends timeline, and is set in an eror before laser swords and hyperspace travel. Our main character Lanoree Brock is  a Jeda'ii Ranger, called upon by her Masters on her less visited home world of Tython to investigate and seek out her brother, Dal whom she had thought dead.

Teamed up with an unusual 3 Lekku'd Twilekk named Tre, with a dark past an unusual relationship with the a Jeda'ii master, the pair journey over Tyhon encountering interesting and despicable characters on the way in an attempt to find out for certain what Dal's intentions are and his whereabouts, of course encountering well written and exciting altercations along the way. Blasters and technology are still advanced in this era, but Lanoree wields a traditional sword rather than the famous lightsaber, using it to deadly effect often removing her adversaries heads from their bodies.

The story moves between the investigation and flashbacks to Lanoree and Dal's childhood, where as force sensitives they were destined to become journeyers. They are to set out on a pilgrimage to different Jeda'ii temples, each tasked with specialising in and sharing the knowledge of a specific discipline such as combat, force skills or science and alchemy. Lanoree embraces the force, using it to accentuate her natural affinity and talents. Dal shuns it, not liking the invasive and controlling nature or the mystical power. As the story moves on we see their relationship become more distant.

This pre-Jedi story is largely compelling, and there are lots of tense moments, interesting and well written characters and locations, and despite being a prequel, feels steeped in history. Lebbon has clearly thought about the world he is writing into.

The movement between past and present keeps things interesting, and I always felt eager to read on and discover the next series of events.

I did feel however that the conclusion was quite an anti-climax, and didn't reveal as much as I would've liked about the actual birth of the Jedi. Whether this is done in subsequent works such as comic books etc I'll hopefully find out.

Even so, I'd highly recommend this book for fans of the Star Wars universe to get a glimpse of how things began.

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