#LostTribeOfTheSith Star Wars Novel Mini Review

The Lost Tribe Of The Sith is a collection of shorter stories about a group of Sith that get stranded on a remote planet after a catastrophic accident in their ship, Omen.

Set before the rule of two, the Sith clan is made up of multiple factions and families, all striving for supremacy within their new found home exerting their command and subterfuge upon not only each other but the primitive natives and other lifeforms the planet has to offer. Escape is not an option as the world is absent of sufficient resources to make the necessary repairs to their ship.

The short stories are extremely well written and span over multiple generations and the descendants of the Sith families still find themselves in similar competitive scenarios whilst the initial stranded Sith begin to bloom as legend to the later generations.

What's interesting is how the different generations intertwine, and as exciting as the action packed sequences are throughout the smaller stories, the real intrigue lies with the politics in the social order of things, with many varying Sith philosophies striving for dominance over the many years.

The unusual surroundings and lack of technology throughout the stories really make this collection stand out from other Star Wars novels, and I'd sincerely recommend to anyone who likes reading about the expanded Star Wars universe.

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