My trip to #Dublin part 3

Day 3, and shockingly enough feeling surprisingly fresh after another night on the Irish pop. After a quick walk up the road this morning we had ourselves breakfast in a little cafe near our flat called 'The Cloud' which was a lovely experience, doing things ranging from porridge and cereal to more interesting egg based concoctions and really tasty fresh coffee.

This morning's plan was to meander down the railway station and catch a train from Connolly station to Killiney Hill, a small pebble beach with some sort of monument on the top of said hill.

I love getting the train, and it was straight forward enough to get tickets in Conolly station and to get on the right line etc. Not too expensive either. Got to read my book on the way there and back whilst intermittently taking in the views of the Irish countryside.

The stop at Killiney hill is only small; the station has a little coffee shop and there are hotels and houses around but that's pretty much it. The rest of the scene is taken up by a lovely and serene pebble beach. It was beautifully tranquil, and as my friend's footwear dictated we decided not to ascend the hill but instead to have a calming walk over the smooth pebbles taking in the sights, smells and sounds of the seaside. Beautiful stuff and completely recommended if you're not after something touristy.

Afterward, trained back to Dublin and had another aimless wander around exploring the shops and spending our Euros until dinner time. We stumbled across some nice book shops, and found a quiet bar to play countdown until our evening meal.

We'd be so besotted by Cornucopia the day before that we went back. Food was just as delicious, especially the coconut, cauliflower and tomato soup. I had a slightly different mix of salads, whilst my buddy had a bake type thing. Not really selling it, but it was really tasty again.

Knowing we'd have to be up at 4am for the plane journey home, we had a relatively early evening, and spent some time in our air bnb relaxing, packing and watching Bojack Horseman.

The plane journey back was equally painless, and I very much enjoyed stocking up on miniature whiskeys from the duty free. I was so proud of my friend for sitting on her own - for cheaper seats you don't get to choose where you sit - and surviving the journey as she's very anxious about flying. Kudos to her!

In all, albeit an expensive one, it was an excellent weekend and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone who hasn't been. If I went back it would probably only be for another extended weekend rather than a full blown holiday. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is accepting and it's fairly easy and cheap to navigate the town centre, with plenty to do for us geeky tourists.

Have you been to Dublin? Have you done any of the things we did? Different opinions? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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