#StarWars Rogue Planet mini review

Rogue Planet is set after the events of Episode 1. Anakin is fast approaching his teenage years under Jedi tutelage from newly appointed master Obi Wan Kenobi.

In the story we are witness to Anakin really battling with his conflicting emotions of what he knows to be right and proper and the ways of the Jedi, to the fear and anger that seems to come so naturally to him and that actually grants him a hefty amount of power.

As punishment for ignoring his master and for thrill seeking on the Jedi Temple's city world of Coruscant, Anakin and Obi-Wan are tasked with investigating what happened to a previous padowan, sent to the mysterious world of Zenoma Sekot and mysteriously gone missing. The unusual and unknown planet is rumoured to be home to the creators of the fastest ships in the galaxy - a glorious conglomeration of biology and technology where ships are not made but grown or born.

Whilst the pair of Jedi investigate both the ships and the disappearance, power hungry General Tarkin enlists the support of equally power mad and creator of war machines such as the deadly Tie-Fighter, Raith Sienar, to go to the planet themselves and retain their unique technology for use by the Republic, descending ever further to the corrupt and evil empire it will eventually become.

An intriguing story, highly detailed and absorbing, largely due to the strange systems in place on the planet where the inhabitants work with the life forms to blend technology with life to create unique and blindingly fast crafts in such an unusual way.

The tale of Anakin's inner turmoil and Obi Wan's struggle to be a competent master really help lay the foundations for their relationship in a way Episode 1 doesn't approach. There are moments of levity between the two, as Anakin who is obviously the naturally the stronger of the pair in the force butts heads with his Master who is evidently the more controlling and balanced of the two.

The tale of intrigue and deceit is full of interesting characters; Tarkin and Seinar, whilst both working for the supposedly good Republic are both corrupt and politically evil striving only to make gains for themselves within the emerging new order.

The story is exciting and moves at an excellent pace, making it a real page turner. As more is unveiled about the planet the more you yearn to discover, and as the republic begin to encroach a patchwork of events from shady abductions by assassins to interstellar space battles all keep things suitably gripping.

It leaves a lot open ended for the possibility of a sequel, but this novel is an excellent bridge between Episode's 1 and 2, being an exciting, interesting and well written read throughout. Recommended.

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