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#LostTribeOfTheSith Star Wars Novel Mini Review

The Lost Tribe Of The Sith is a collection of shorter stories about a group of Sith that get stranded on a remote planet after a catastrophic accident in their ship, Omen.

Set before the rule of two, the Sith clan is made up of multiple factions and families, all striving for supremacy within their new found home exerting their command and subterfuge upon not only each other but the primitive natives and other lifeforms the planet has to offer. Escape is not an option as the world is absent of sufficient resources to make the necessary repairs to their ship.

The short stories are extremely well written and span over multiple generations and the descendants of the Sith families still find themselves in similar competitive scenarios whilst the initial stranded Sith begin to bloom as legend to the later generations.

What's interesting is how the different generations intertwine, and as exciting as the action packed sequences are throughout the smaller stories, the real intrigue lies…

#DawnOfTheJedi Into The Void - Spoiler Free Mini Review

Into The Void by Tim Lebbon is the first entry in the Star Wars Novels Legends timeline, and is set in an eror before laser swords and hyperspace travel. Our main character Lanoree Brock is  a Jeda'ii Ranger, called upon by her Masters on her less visited home world of Tython to investigate and seek out her brother, Dal whom she had thought dead.

Teamed up with an unusual 3 Lekku'd Twilekk named Tre, with a dark past an unusual relationship with the a Jeda'ii master, the pair journey over Tyhon encountering interesting and despicable characters on the way in an attempt to find out for certain what Dal's intentions are and his whereabouts, of course encountering well written and exciting altercations along the way. Blasters and technology are still advanced in this era, but Lanoree wields a traditional sword rather than the famous lightsaber, using it to deadly effect often removing her adversaries heads from their bodies.

The story moves between the investigation and …

Joyotis - Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Hall Green

Jyoti's, located in Kings Heath on the Stratford Road is a refreshing take on Indian cuisine and one I would recommend to any fan of Indian food, veggie or not. It is exclusively veggie, so if you're too into your meat, then you're silly and should go back to McDonalds. 
It's also half kind of Indian Bakery, selling sweets and puddings and nibbles for you to takeaway. The service was a little cold and stilted to start, but the old timer waiter eventually warmed up and began having some banter. 
I had a lentil curry with chapattis which tasted for lack of a better word, authentic. It was a very thick dish despite being a creamless dish but was extremely tasty. The waiter was also happy to accommodate me when I asked for a mountain of Chillies to accompany my munch. 
The chapattis were also excellent. Support this little unique restaurant, now!

#FantasticBeasts and Where To Find Them play script - Spoiler free thoughts! #HarryPotter

I remember when the Fantastic Beasts text book was released many moons ago by JKRowling in aid of comic relief. This tie-in, along with Quiditch through the ages were excellent little spin offs, so I was a tad worried when I heard a film was being created on the concept, and when I saw the play script released as a book I sighed and felt it was a bit of a money spinning venture for the Potter series.

The film however, I was pleasantly surprised with. I think that it was created, bar the original concept, from the ground up to be a film that it actually stands up very well on it's own, where as the Potter films I always thought were a bit lacking compared to the books until really The Deathly Hallows. I always prefer books to movies, but The Death Hallows parts one and two felt like proper films in their own rights - not book to movie conversions like the others. Fantastic Beasts is definitely like this, and tells the story of future noted wizarding author Newt Scamander and his t…

#TheHangingTree (Rivers of London 6) Mini Spoiler Free Review

I'm a big fan of the Rivers Of London series by Ben Aaronovitch, and the latest entry was just as appealing as the others.

This time, Peter Grant, our resident detective inspector meets trainee warlock, seems much more confident in his magical ability and prowess, and his mysterious senior office Nightingale seems to have more confidence and trust for him to carry out investigation and altercations on his own.

Again, the stories locations around London town are well described and really give the sense of Peter's familiarity with his surrounding area. I especially like the scenes taking place in The Chestnut Tree pub, a sort of Rivers of London version of The Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter.

The story this time sees us eventually discovering the identity of the Faceless Man, and involves lots of action sequences between familiar characters, principally around our magical cast trying to make an illicit bob out of selling important magical artifacts and texts, and everyone else…